I'm Charles Pustejovsky. I'm working to align my career path with my ikigai. Ikigai is something you're passionate about, talented at, can have a career in, and can help the world with.

After years of searching and learning, I realized my ikigai is programming. Since then I've been learning as much as I can about computer science, JavaScript, and how to use code to create things that help myself and others.

I'm a self-taught software engineer looking for a full-stack or back-end developer role to put my passion and skills to work.


The best way to learn is be doing and building. One of my weaknesses is that I try to be a perfectionist and procrastinate. The beautiful thing is that programming doesn't allow for that. I can't just read about JavaScript or NodeJS, I have to build something to really learn it. So here is a growing list or probjects I am working on:


Estuary is currently a ME_N app that I built to record stream of consciousness writing and notes/to-dos.

This app is where I've put my NodeJS and MongoDB skills to the test. I've set up routes, built models and schemas, learned how to send emails and schedule cron jobs inside the app. I'm also setting up unit tests with Mocha and deploying with MongoDB Compass and Heroku.

During Thanksgiving weekend 2019, I started reading Getting Things Done by David Allen. During the plane ride, I had the idea to turn my note taking app, Estuary, into an app that could facilitate the GTD process.

That would have the dual benefit of cementing these practices for me and also building a robust app that I can proudly show off in my portfolio.

Twitter Bot

I spend too much time on Twitter so to minimize that time while keeping up with the people and organizations I want to, I started work on a twitter bot. I've published it as an NPM module which is running on this site and sends me an email at 6:00 AM EST everyday with the tweets I want, having already liked them and providing me the option to retweet and reply via a link.

GDPR Toggler

Love it or hate it, GDPR is a reality for businesses so I created a jQuery script to dynamically display an opt-in option for countries where that option was required (I used this AJAX script to determine the country by IP address). This was my first real taste of working with jQuery. The scripts would need customization for the countries and for the specific assets that are being displayed or hidden.

Public/Private Key Signing App

Application I worked on to better understand cryptography and asynchronous code. This probject helped me get a better understanding of NodeJS's Crypto module. It should go without saying, but do not use this! I'm rolling my own cryptography here for learning purposes only.

BitPay Blog Redesign

As a content writer at BitPay, I guess I took owning the blog a bit too literally and redesigned it. I forked Ghost's Casper theme and modified it with the help of an amazing marketing designer to give it a modern look.

BitPay Blog Before
BitPay Blog After

Life Together Calculator

The first application I created which calculated how long my wife and I had known each other and showed what percentage of our lives that was. It gave me hands on experience with working with the DOM and JavaScript's Date Object. I have since then made it interactive so anyone with a significant other can calculate their life together.

About Me

Charles Pustejovsky

I'm a perpetual learner. I love learning new things and exploring new ideas. I never get bored even when reading a SCOTUS statement or an academic essay on grain shipments or the most dry technical documentation.

One of the things I love most about programming is that it forces me to learn by doing. I can't just read about programming, I have to program. It takes me out of my comfort zone in the most delightful way. Programming helps me fail fast and learn and grow from those mistakes.

I'm not scared of asking stupid questions and showing that I don't know it all because that's the only way I'll grow, both as a person and as a developer.


  • JavaScript (Intermediate)
  • NodeJS
  • MongoDB
  • CSS
  • Git
  • Golang (Beginner)
  • Python (Beginner)


  • Cryptocurrency
  • Cybersecurity
  • Functional Programming
  • Hacking Productivity
  • Classics (Greco-Roman)
  • Tolkien, Science Fiction, and Fantasy
  • Hiking

Reading List

Grokking Algorithms

Getting Things Done

I really jive with the system that David Allen laid out and it's the system that I am rebuilding Estuary around.

Grokking Algorithms

The Pragmatic Programmer

It feels providential that I procrastinated on buying this book until the 20th anniversary update came out. I'm looking forward to going through the advice David Thomas and Andrew Hunt have to offer.

Grokking Algorithms

Grokking Algorithms

One of my long-term goals is to slowly learn the concepts and ideas I would have in a traditional computer science course at a university. Grokking Algorithms by Aditya Y. Bhargava is a great place to start that journey.